Frequently Asked Questions

Register with your personal user name, email and password and you can start opening boxes right away! We give you free starting gems needed to open boxes and we refill them regularly so you can continue playing whenever you want!

We accept players from all over the world! Just make sure you accept our Terms of Service before creating an account on Lootbits.

One person is allowed to have one account on Lootbits.

Use your gems to open boxes. You will find Bitcoins inside them and they will be added to your balance. You can also find additional rewards including Lootbits gems, badges, xp points and more!

No, the BTC balance can only increase, unless you spend it on some additional features (e.g. ordering website visits). Only Lootbits gems are deducted every time you open a box. You can also use your gems in other games to win even more, but there is a risk of losing them as well. However, your BTC balance stays untouched at all times!

We give you free gems every hour, just click "Claim" and continue playing! If you want even more, you can invite others, increase your level and get evem more hourly gems. Also, we have additional features worth checking out (trading game, hashing, offers and more). Remember to use all Lootbits features and you will always have enough gems!

You collect xp points by inviting people, opening boxes and using other features. When you accumulate enough xp, your level increases automatically. Higher level users unlock better boxes and get more gems per hour!

You can invite as many users as you want, just make sure you use ethical and fair methods. We have reliable ways of tracking fake registrations and we constantly remove users who try to trick the system.
You get rewards for user visits, registrations, email confirmations (highest reward) and completed offers.
Please have in mind that we only count unique visits. If the person has already visited the website or has an account on Lootbits, you will not be rewarded. Also, make sure the visitors click the "Claim now" button on the landing page. You can track all visits and registrations on your "Invites" page when logged in.

As soon as you reach the minimum payout threshold you can ask for a payment in "Withdrawals" section. Enter your BTC wallet address, click "Withdraw" and receive the Bitcoins! We pay out multiple times per day and the payouts usually reach our users in several hours.