We've compiled a detailed list of lootbits.io features so it would be easier to start. Check it out :)

Boxes and Rewards

All rewards on lootbits.io are hidden in reward boxes. Simply click on them and find out what's inside. Opening costs 1 gem per box and you can find BTC, xp points, badges or more gems inside. The rewards higly depend on your luck and activity on the site. All rewards are immediately added to your balance on lootbits.io.


You can always see your BTC and gems balances at the top. Bitcoins can be withdrawn once you reach the minimum threshold or they can be spent on lootbits.io features. Gems are used for opening boxes and playing other games. You cannot lose BTC balance (but you can spend them) while you can lose gems in certain games. The good thing is that the gems refill automatically every hour, so no worries!


Each user starts with level 0 and can reach up to level 5 by collecting xp points. The fastest way to collect these points and to rank up is to invite other people and share your daily target links. Higher level is important as you will get more free gems every hour, better boxes, higher daily targets, higher bets in other games and more.


Each time you open a box there is a chance of finding a collectible badge inside. When you collect enough unique badges we give additional rewards (e.g. higher payout from offers). The more boxes you open, the more loyal user you are and the more badges you deserve!


Being friendly pays off! Tell others about the rewards on lootbits.io and get bonus gems and xp points for every click, registration and email verification. You will also receive a percentage from your referrals' completed offers while they will receive a higher starting bonus. A detailed list of actions is displayed near your referral link so you can always track the progress.

Daily Target

Every 24 hours you can generate a unique link, reach a required amount of clicks on it and get a bonus. Each click gives you one xp point while reaching the target rewards with gems. The reward sizes are based on your level. The main difference from regular invites is that already existing members are also counted, so you can exchange links with your lootbits.io friends!

Daily Question

Every day we ask our users a fun question where you can vote which of the two options is better. Simply answer and immediately receive the gems, as easy as that!


Completing offers on lootbits.io is probably the fastest and highest paying option if you need more gems. We have hundreds of different offers available from our providers. Just read the description, complete what is required (e.g. download an app or answer survey questions) and you will get the gems! Make sure you try out different devices as well, as we have different offers for different countries and mobile/pc users.


Trading game is based on real life BTC/USD prices. You have two options: CALL (if you think the price will increase) and PUT (if you think the price will decrease). Choose the amount you want to bet, choose your option and wait 5 minutes to see where the price ends up. If you guess correctly you immediately double your gems!


Just like in real life, passing through jungle is not easy. Bet your gems and start moving forward by choosing one of the three tiles at each step. Two tiles are safe and one has a hidden danger. The more tiles you pass, the bigger reward you get. However, if it gets too scary you can stop at any time by cashing out the current tile reward.


Lotto is a live game where you try your luck against other lootbits.io members. Each participant can buy one ticket and has equal chances of winning. When all tickets are bought one random winner is drawn and receives the full gems jackpot.


Roulette is another live fast paced game where you can decide how many gems you want to bet and which color to choose. Red and black pay double while green is the most risky but can result in a 10x win. Simply place your bet and watch the outcome.

Is this all?

Of course not! We constantly add more features to increase your rewards and keep you entertained! Remember to log in every day and we promise to offer something fresh!